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Got the blogging bug? Need to get something off your chest? Then writing a blog may be just the path for you. Bloggers usually have something on their minds and want to get it out. It may also be a person who needs to get something out there as a key part of his or her career or reputation-manage

Good Reasons to Have a Blog

7 Good Reasons to Have a Blog

Writing is a way to have a significant and lasting impact on our world. In this article, I want to talk about why a blog is an excellent way to communicate our ideas, what we know, our skills, and our ability to think in a disciplined and logical manner. By the time you finish the list, you should f

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8 Reasons to Affirm Your Legacy in a Blog

Preserve Your Legacy in a Blog

An ad on Facebook reads: “In living, our stories are made. In writing, our stories are remembered. Write them, lest they forg

Blogging the Career You Want

Blogging and Career Development

It is competitive out there. It's difficult to get noticed, at least for the right things. A resume is good. But hardly distinctiv

Developing a Brand for Your Blog

Developing a brand for your blog

Investment. In the section on how to find a readership, I stated that developing relationships in your content area, specifically

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