Blog Platforms Review is an effort to bring together into one place as many blogging platforms as possible, which would allow visitors the opportunity to compare sites on a common set of meaningful dimensions. Our observation from viewing numerous reviews of blogging platforms has been that a more comprehensive listing of platforms, compared on similar metrics, was seriously lacking.

In fact, in many cases, the reviewer wasn’t very subtle as to why he or she was offering the comparison – to sell their services using a high traffic topic to pull viewers to their site. We don’t have a problem with that approach to marketing a site, but that is not what we had in mind here.

In the interest of disclosure, Silvrback, one of the blogging platforms reviewed here, helps support this site. Silvrback’s belief was that offering to fund the research by a third party would benefit not only Silvrback, but its competitors as well. Yet, it also was confident that its product would get a fair hearing among the many blogging options out there.

To enhance the value of the site, user experiences, views and knowledge regarding the various sites reviewed here is welcomed through the user comment and rating feature included in each individual site review. We hope this keeps the site current with new offerings by the various players and keeps the information on the site accurate and up-to-date. The login requirement helps slow down spammers and bots from loading up comments with their junk. We do not share or display your email.

Finally, you will find ads and some affiliate links on the site. We choose them based on them being a resource we think bloggers will be interested in. While we are not responsible for their services, we have evaluated the services offered by these organizations and their reputations in the marketplace before presenting them to you on this site.

It costs you no more to use these vendors via our site and BPR receives a fee if you choose to use their services. The hope is that these offerings will not only be useful to our visitors, but also allow BPR to be self-sustaining and independent.

One more thing, we do not share or sell your email address to anyone. We will use your email to notify you when new articles are posted and occasionally with offers we think will be of value to blogging-interested subscribers.

Welcome to the site and happy hunting as you look for your blogging solution!

The BPR Team