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Best Web Hosting Sites for Your Blog

Best web hosting reviews

There are a ton of providers out there offering services to host your blog or website. You can quickly come up with easily 20 names that could probably do the job just fine, particularly for the novice just trying to get started. We chistled our list down to five companies offering blog hosting services. Actually, we mention nine, but really dug a bit d ...

6 Tips for Formatting Your Blog Posts

6 Tips for Formatting Your Blog Post

When you write a blog post there are some tried and true methods for formatting them that will make your articles inviting to read, help your readers understand what you write more easily and improve search engine performance of your content. These six pointers are easy to do and are a good starting point. You'll want to make them a habit early on in yo ...

Blogging for Beginners

Blogging for Beginners

If you are thinking about starting a blog, come on down, the water is fine. Many people start blogs every day. Some have modest hopes of gathering a small, enthusiastic readership. Others have visions of thousands of dollars flowing from their golden keyboard. Well, good luck with all of that. I hope all your wishes come true. Starting a blog can boo ...

8 Reasons to Affirm Your Legacy in a Blog

Preserve Your Legacy in a Blog

An ad on Facebook reads: “In living, our stories are made. In writing, our stories are remembered. Write them, lest they forget.” I like that. This is really about a life message – and communicating it. At some point in life, we’re told, we’re supposed to care about what mark we’re leaving on the world, one that would make it remember ...

Blogging the Career You Want

Blogging and Career Development

It is competitive out there. It's difficult to get noticed, at least for the right things. A resume is good. But hardly distinctive. Getting through the maze is tough. Working connections on LinkedIn or Twitter are important to getting your name out there. But, again, they’re only pieces of a bigger game of getting noticed and getting calls. Look, ...

Developing a Brand for Your Blog

Developing a brand for your blog

Investment. In the section on how to find a readership, I stated that developing relationships in your content area, specifically when it comes to building backlinks, was about investing time and energy into others with the confidence that it will come back to you. If developing a loyal readership requires this, then the idea of a brand requires eve ...

Finding Readers for Your Blog

Finding readers for your blog

Most of us who write do so because we think we have something to say. If we write a blog, we do so with the idea that we want someone to read what we think, even react to what we think. Early on, then, we’re looking for ways to let people know we exist and that we have posted something for them to see. Usually, we let our friends, family and acquai ...

Writing Effective Blogs

Tips for Formatting Blog Posts

Once you have selected your writing platform, you’re ready to turn to writing. Potent writing is both craft and science. We know there is a technically correct way to right – correct spelling, proper grammar, good sentence structure, and such – but we also suspect there is more to it than that. I recall a professor of mine from many years ag ...

Choosing a Blog Platform

Choosing a blogging platform

Choosing a blog platform for yourself is much like choosing a new car. There are many from which to choose, most with similar features and options, and virtually all will take you from point A to B. So, on the one hand, it seems that nearly any blog platform decision would not be a BAD decision. That does not make it a good one, however, for you. ...