Defining Our Terms

Ratings were collected by a paid third-party researcher who signed up to each blog rated, tested features and functions of site, and rated experience. The researcher, where possible, sent a test email to the platform’s support to determine how long it took for a response. Finally, the researcher was also required to write a brief summary of observations, likes and dislikes, and any other comments that might help readers judge the suitability of the site for them.

Ratings contained here are the opinions of the researcher and are not to be viewed as authoritative, or opinions of Blog Platforms Review.

We will rely on verified feedback from users of the sites to correct errors in information displayed on these pages.

Just one other note, “Free Blog Platforms” refers to platforms that offer a free version beyond a trial period. These versions are typically quite limited in terms of their functionality and the amount of control the user has over the blog page.

Below is a listing with rating descriptions for each of the categories rated on the site.

General Overview
Free Version Does platform have a free version? Yes or no, excluding free trails
Credit Card for Trail Yes or No. Does site require CC for trail subscription
Best Subscription (US$/mo) If a subscription version, what is cheapest/mo cost? This may be annual divided into monthly rate
Hosted Hosted = blog is hosted by blog platform(typically, In a blogname. format) Yes or no
Custom Domain Support Does it allow/assist custom domain connection to subdomain blog? Yes or no
Theme/Design Options Proximate theme/design options(2,5+,10+,1000+)
Mobile friendly Weak, Some Issues/so-so, or Solid
Ease of Setup Difficult/takes some time, Average/so-so, or Quick/Easy
Easy of Use Not easy/intuitive, Moderately easy, Or Easy/intuitive
Support Email Response How quick was response to a single support email? We sent a supprt email asking a question and waited for response
Featured Supported
 UI Customization None/Low, Some but limited, high level allowed
 Social Media tools Sharing tools to reader’s SM. primarily, but also support of bloggers SM liking (yes or no?)
Reader Comments Disqus, etc tools allowing for user enqaqement/commenting
Collaborators Allow user to invite collaborators to site
Co-Authors  Allow user to designate authors in blog posts
Subscriber List Can you build a subscriber list or not
RSS Reader Notifications Offered?
Schedule Posts  Allow user to schedule posts
Recommend Articles  Allow blogger to recommend to readers other articles he/she has written
 Tag Posts  Allow blogger to keyword/ tag posts
Editor Options Number of editors available(ie Markdown,WYSIWYG,etc.)
Analytics Support site analytics such as Google,plugins,etc
Image/Video Support Yes or No
Search Does platforms allow for site search and/or individual blog search
Data Transfer Ease Is downloading/moving blog content,including subscriber list,supported? Poorly, avg/so-so,or easy
SEO Support No noted SEO support,limited,or extensive. This may come in the form of how-to-hints,plugins,analytics,etc
Math Symbols Can you use math symbols in the blog or not
Code Highlighting Can you embed and highlight programming code in to the article page?
RTL Language Right-to-left language support
Multi-Language UI Does user interface(UI) support language other than English?
Monetization How much monetization is supported: Low. Limited, Extensive/Numerous opps/Fully Customizable
SSL(https) Certificate Hosted SSL and does it  extend to personal domain or both
Plug-ins/Extensions None,quite limited, or many options
Writing Helps Evidence on site writing hints,articles and tools: None, Limited, or extensive
Reader Development Evidence on site of getting reader hints, articles and tools: None,limited, or extensive
 Brand Develoment Evidence on site of branding hints, articles and tools: None,limited, or extensive