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In-Depth Reviews

This page will contain a growing list of reviews that take an in-depth look at a platform or a comparison of two or three platforms. These reviews are the opinions of the respective reviewers and in no way reflect the views of or its ownership.


This review focuses on Squarespace, a well-established brand among website builders and publishers. According to Wikipedia, Anthony Casalena created Squarespace while a student at the University of Maryland. As is the case with a lot of blog platforms, it was created for his personal use, which led to sharing with friends and family, and which eventua



Silvrback blog

Silvrback is one of a number of standalone blogging platforms that launched during the 2012-2014 heyday of blogging. Launched in late 2013, Silvrback joined Medium, Ghost, Svbtle, Roon, and others in offering writing options for prospective bloggers. Silvrback's orientation was to shoot the perceived gap between Ghost's rather uppity rigidity toward ...


Review of Blogger

This review focuses on Blogger, one of the oldest free-standing blogging platforms still in existence today. Founded in 1999 by the co-founder of Twitter and founder of Medium, Ev Williams, Blogger was sold to Google in 2003 (per Wikipedia). Blogger is a free platform to users and remains a product maintained by Google.   First Impressions ...


In-Depth Review of Medium

This review focuses on Medium, a favorite of many among the well-known brands in publishing. Founded in 2012 by the co-founder of Twitter and Blogger (now Google’s property), Ev Williams, Medium came to the game packing some serious credentials for this project. The buzz around the launch was largely positive and the growth trajectory, I understand, h ...