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Got the blogging bug? Need to get something off your chest?

Then writing a blog may be just the path for you. Bloggers usually have something on their minds and want to get it out. It may also be a person who needs to get something out there as a key part of his or her career or reputation-management strategy.

Either way, we assume you are here because you’re interested in seeing what your options are. You might already be using a platform and are looking for a change. Or, you’re a novice exploring your options.

This site was developed to provide you the most comprehensive reviews of the greatest number of blogging platforms on the Internet. It is a work in progress. We expect that when it is near completion, we will have reviewed somewhere around three dozen platforms that offer blogging as one of their services.

So, you no longer have to only review someone’s “top 10 blogging platforms” or ” best blogging platforms for 2018” or whatever year, you can look at many more here and all in one place, and each one evaluated on the same dimensions.

You can compare quality blogging platforms that are what we call dedicated platforms. They only do blogging platforms, no websites or other content management services.

Another group of companies offer blogging capabilities among other services, such as websites, ecommerce for products and services. This is not intended to communicate that dedicated blogging platforms are better or worse than those that offer other revenue generating services.

Our final grouping includes those platforms that offer a free version of the services. Free always gets attention and why companies offer these typically limited-service options – that you will eventually buy a premium or related service.

In the end, we looked for a useful way to break up the ‘pile’ into comparable groups.

As you will see, there are many options available. If you have experience with any of these providers, please rate their services and write a note to let others know what your experience was. Also, if you find an error in our information, please let us know. We strive to keep the information accurate and up to date.

So, best of luck in finding the writing experience that is best for you!


The BPR Team